Legal Document Assembly

it’s a classic he said, she said story – how to improve law firm document assembly

If you're already using the document automation features that come with your general practice management software, you're well on your way to successfully automating one part of your practice. But this is not the time to quit while you're ahead! You're oh so close to document assembly bliss; you should be able to taste it. Getting your client and case data into your document isn't the whole story. Think of he said, she said. Huh? You know, how much time do you spend fixing he vs she, his vs her, vs they, their, defendant/defendants...?

And what about those times when a variable in your case determines which of several different paragraphs should be used? Say you're suing a particular insurance company, and you always want to include a certain paragraph that applies only to that company. Do you put in a bunch of different sections with little notes to your staff stating how each one should be used? Or do you have a different template for each variable and then a subset of templates depending on whether you're using feminine, masculine or plural pronouns? If you're doing any of the above, I've got some exciting news for you!

Automating Common Variables to Reduce Mistakes, Save Time and Money

You can automate the use of feminine, masculine, plural and a whole host of variables without paying for any additional software. All it takes is some tweaking to your practice management software and some fancy revisions to your Word templates. What tweaking and revisions need to be done depends on what practice management software and what version of Word you're using. I can tell you that both Rocket Matter and Clio can support this advanced document assembly but, unfortunately, MyCase doesn't.

If your firm heavily relies on creating Word documents, you'll save serious time and money and avoid those embarrassing mistakes that opposing counsel, judges, and your client will find.

To learn more or get started on upgrading your document automation, call us at (224) 306-9639 or contact us through the contact form at the right of this page or our Contact page and you'll be well on your way to the document automation system you could have previously only wished for.

But wait... there's more! As a special bonus, the tweaks made to your practice management software will also allow you to get more accurate reporting when you're ready to coax some additional analytics from your account.

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