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Google’s Advice on How to Hire an SEO

Direct from the horse’s mouth.     Google: My strongest advice is to corroborate [the SEO’s] recommendation with a documented statement from Google… with a description of the issue that needs to be improved to help ranking and the approach they prescribe to approach this task published February 14, 2017.

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Are Law Firms Interchangeable?

differentiate your law firm

Ok, that’s a trick question. The answer is that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because whether it’s true or not, your client thinks it’s true. So it’s your job to change their minds. The idea for this post came from an awesome webinar I attended the other day given by Joshua Lenon at Clio which discussed a…

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Client Confidentiality and the Cloud takes a cursory look at cloud computing and confidentiality. Sam Glover did some investigating and the results were mixed. He says ultimately “it is still up to you to learn about the security of the systems you use and assess their suitability to your clients’ needs.” One thing lawyers need to keep in mind…

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A Deep Dive into Clio Workflows

Attorney Workflows

Most practice management programs have the ability to use workflows, including Clio. Though Clio doesn’t use the term workflow, and it may not be obvious to new users. Clio has tasks and tasks can be organized into templates called Task Lists. The thing that ties it all together into a workflow is task dependencies. Why…

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What Law Firms Need to know before Choosing a Business Phone System

Law Firm Phone System

RingCentral v Line2 v Grasshopper We previously discussed email as central to attorney communication. Today we’re going to look at an older form of communication, telephones. More specifically, cloud-based business phone systems that you may be interested in for your law firm. While the telephone seems relatively ancient, the industry has a few new tricks up…

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